Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sat 18/10 Santa Monica (if it's blue, you can click on it - places link to a map)
got email from Nicole saying her & Tim (Exile) will be in Mexico City next Friday night - are you in the area. Mexico city in a week. Doable.

Sun 19/10 left Santo Monica, arrived San Diego
Eve tells me how the guy we were staying with in Santa Monica spent every minute my back was turned trying to convince her to sleep with him. 2 Faced prick. I should out him. Or not.

Mon 20/10 left San Diego, arrived Sonoyta, MEXICO!
bought new front speakers $20 from chain car store - proper job!
crossed border rinsing salsa
bureaucracy with car - found banjercito a few km in from border to do paperwork for car. Timeconsuming process but not impossible.

Tue 21/10 left Sonoyta, arrived Navajoa
stopped by police for not stopping at stop sign - let off!
lorries indicating left to motion that it's safe to overtake....????wtf!
Stayed at Palace Motel

Wed 22/10 left Navojoa, arrived El Rosario
applied muffler strips
left leatherman in motel. now other side of mexico but have found phone number on soap stolen from motel.
stopped for speeding, let off AGAIN!- cop said "just make sure you're not doing more than 75, maybe 80mph" - when that's what i was doing when he stopped us.
had 1st margarita. expensive in (other) hotel bar. felt good though.

Thu 23/10 left El Rosario, arrived Huaniqueo (500 miles as the crow flies...)
left early morning - amazing light in morning - leaving so soon allowed us to get as much (superfluous...) stuff done as possible.
picked up manuel, shrimp farmer, co-op 3000
left laptop at motel, drove back 90km with manuel, perlava with tolls & drugsearch (they wouldn't believe that we'd been collecting fresh herbs to put in a bag to make the car smell nice - and found a tiny tiny scrap in the carpet. Eventually convinced them.)
no hotels in huaniqueo, moved to next town, old walled cobbled courtyard hotel (no TV! yeah!)

Fri 24/10 left Huaniqueo, arrived Mexico City
Tim's gig - fucking fat
on tha VIP list innit - Anson Room vibes a bit except full of Mexicans havin it.

Sat 25/10 left Mexico City with Tim & Nicole, arrived Tuxpan, beach on North (Carribbean) coast, late.
car making strange sounds when putting into 4WD. needs looking into (along with the rattly muffler, the nonfunctioning alarm, handbrake, leak, clunky transmission...). still (very) driveable.

Sun 26/10 left Tuxpan, arrived Otumba
dropped T&N @ Teotitlan
beach. swimming. lush.

Mon 27/10 Otumba
sick. must've been dodgy oyster at beach. Or swallowing too much seawater. Or the oil refinery next to the beach.
should've gone to the south coast. beaches are lusher.

Tues 28/10 left Otumba, arrived Love Motel (Teohuacan)
still sick. and getting sick of driving.

Wed 29/10 left Love Motel, arrive Oaxaca
in Oaxaca for Day of the Dead in 3 days.
still sick. getting better. will be fully better tomorrow.

Thu 30/10 Oaxaca
Monte Alban. lush very old ruins short bus ride away.
went with nice bunch at hostel.


Sat 4/10 Sebastopol (California)- stayed at abigail's
worked in garden picking tomatillos
start to fit amp in car - run 12v lead from battery, install phono cable, rewire speakers

Sun 5/10 Sebastopol - stayed at abigail's again
finished installing amp - works a treat - need to get replacement front speakers

Mon 6/10 Sebastopol - abigail's
pm beach - foggy
tasty abalone for dinna and hot tub

Tues 7/10 left Sebastopol, arrived Vallejo
Treasure Island. No treasure except good photos.
stayed at Clint & Emily's (met at Emerald Earth) - good to see them again and talk about EE

Wed 8/10 Vallejo
hanging around to wait for espresso maker I left at EE - Prana leaving from Oakland tomorrow - try to arrange pickup time - got call from Prana, left, didn't bring it. doh.

Thur 9/10 left Vallejo - arrived SF
The Warehouse - cool saloon type pub/cafe/bar on the other side of SF Bay. amazing place, must go back when open.

Fri 10/10 SF

Sat 11/10 SF
critical mass - didn't make it, watch has stopped working and phone is out of battery. :-(

Sun 12/10 SF
burning man decompression. fun. got box (with old car stereo in) back.
good to see the playa on the tarmac...

Mon 13/10 SF
recovery. beach.
Chinese Dumpling Session - sessioned

Tue 14/10 left SF, arrived State Park nr. monterray bay

Wed 15/10 left State Park, arrived Santa Monica
left park early, avoided paying.
The Get To A State Park Late And Leave Early Theory is born with (almost) conclusive proof.
picked up 2 alchie hitchhikers, in their 40s, sweet old couple.
cliff fire. drove back 30 miles to go around. v. annoying retracing steps.
stopped in Santa Barbara to offload hitchers onto local beach posse ( - jolly nice folk).
got drunk with guy we met at decompression and now turns out to also be a coke dealer.

Thur 16/10 Santa Monica
checked out Venice beach.
bad mood.

Fri 17/10 Santa Monica
LA hell.